Monday, 21 May 2012

Farewell to Doverodde

 Mors seen from Doverodde at dusk

This month in Doverodde has been rich in experiences and highly productive. I intend to return to the Limfjord in years to come, both in order to continue work on themes suggested by this residency, and also to initiate new projects. 

I've found daily posting a rewarding challenge. The posts are scribbled down in the time around work on Limfjord Lines, the poetry installation I am preparing for exhibition in the Limfjordcenter. Sometimes the posts are not finished to my satisfaction, and I know that sitting on them for a day or two would improve them, but I have to click 'publish' if I'm to keep to my promise. The blog is a great platform for sifting ideas. Sometimes I start writing the day's post - on the creature in the tower for example, or the seagull and the iron age barrow, or the sick child's island - to find it grows longer and longer, and those writings have developed in other directions. (Of course, then I need to find something else to slot into the day's diary.) Some experiences  I sought out hoping they would make interesting posts, such as the trip to Mors on the ferry, but they have become poems instead.
This week my solitude was exchanged for conviviality when a congress of artists arrived in Doverodde for the Book Arts Festival. I'm sure fragments of this landscape will reappear in their work too.

Limfjord Lines will run in the Doverodde Købmandsgård Gallery from 22 May until 24 June 2012.

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