Friday, 11 May 2012

Doverodde Diary: Day 13 - Red Arrows

A single sheet of paper is large enough to hold a whole country, as well as the water around it. This chart shows Denmark and the tip of Sweden as blank, sand-coloured landmasses surrounded by a white sea. It can be used by sailors travelling home around Denmark’s coast and along its waterways. Red arrows indicate ‘retninger for indgående’ – ways to enter. They sweep over the top of Jutland, into each harbour and around the islands. (Bornholm, the island everyone forgets, is ringed with red.)

Cities dot the east coast, round and regular as floats on an eel net: Aalborg; Hobro; Randers; Aarhus; Horsens; Vejle; Kolding. On the west coast Esbjerg stands alone.

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