Friday, 18 May 2012

Doverodde Diary: Day 20 - To The End

There’s a local idiom for strolling to the end of the jetty and turning round, returning: al vende bro, literally, to turn the bridge. Over the years, as more and more boats have sought moorings here, the jetty has grown longer, and there are new bridges to turn. The timber extensions crook across the fjord, pinching vessels within their planks.

It takes four and a half minutes to walk from my desk to the very end of the jetty. I make the short journey several times a day - it is easy to spend as long looking into the water as writing about the water. And after all, the bridge has two ends at which to turn.


Mário said...

You know, I'll be saving these notes of yours as a precious work of the new art of blog-posting. These days I wait rather anxiously for a new Nancy Campbell post as a peak of beauty in my day. Thank you.

You make me think and wonder, could I also feel this as she does, could I wright anything as well or pick up a fantastic theme like that.

The most anodyne thing around is transformed in these Diary notes in a wonder with definitive implications in existence.

This two-end jetty thought, for example, made my day.



Thank you for your kind words, Mário. It is good to know these Scandinavian stories have an audience at the other end of Europe.

This month in Doverodde has been rich in experiences and I hope to return to produce more work in years to come.

I've found daily posting quite a challenge. Sometimes the work is not finished to my satisfaction, but I have click 'publish' if I am to keep to my promise. Sometimes I start a post - on the creature in the tower for example, or the iron age barrow, or the sick child's island - to find it grows longer and longer, and those writings have developed in other directions. The blog has been a great platform for sifting ideas.