Friday, 27 April 2012

World Book Night - The Secret History Dinner

The annual collaboration with Sarah Bodman and Co. at CFPR Book Arts to produce an artist’s book in tribute to a particular novel is now complete. The book, print and video will launch on 23rd April, World Book Night.

To date we have made books for 
Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley and Douglas Coupland’s The Gum Thief. This year we featured Donna Tartt’s novel The Secret History. T
he dinner took place over Easter weekend, in an aptly situated venue in Oxford. Collaborators brought their typewriters and cameras, and food and drinks from the book were served throughout the night, including dangerous-looking mushrooms, an elaborate lentil dish, roast meats, frozen cheesecake, and even food inspired by Bunny’s tasteless wake at the Corcoran’s house.

The typed version of the group’s collaborative essay: The Secrets of Metahemeralism, cobbled together and triple-spaced in the style of Bunny Corcoran provides the core of a photocopied, editioned artist’s book, in tribute to the narrator Richard’s extra paid duties at college. The book will also include postcards, notes, scraps of paper, photos, etc. 

Contributors to the book were: Helen Allsebrook, Helen Barr, Sarah Bodman, Angie Butler, Simon Butler, Arthur Buxton, Nancy Campbell, Jenny Gal-Or, Hazel Grainger, Charlotte Hall, Anna Lucas, Kirsten Norrie, Simon Smith and EF Stevens. 

Angie Butler’s Letterpress Etiquette Network has printed a letterpress broadside edition of lines of text selected from the compositions (below).

Friday, 20 April 2012

Ord Kraft Literature Festival, Aalborg

Take one typewriter ...

a rubber stamp ...

and a Danish book artist ...

and the result... 


a pop book
containing a poem 

Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck and I will be creating copies of this book 
and giving them away to the public at OrdKraft in Aalborg 
this weekend 19 - 21 April 2012.

'Udkant' or 'On the margins' is the theme of the
Doverodde Book Arts Festival
17 - 20 May 2012.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Residency on the Limfjord

During April and May 2012 I will be writer-in-residence at the Book Arts Center at the Limfjordscentret, located in a historic merchant’s building by the Limfjord in North Jutland, Denmark. This month-long residency will culminate in a solo exhibition at the Doverodde Book Arts Festival IV and Symposium which runs from 17 – 21 May. The theme of this year’s festival, which is organised by Mette-Sofie Ambeck, will be Udkant / On the Margins.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Borrowed Bookshelves: 7

Books arranged by height on the shelves of the Icelandic Poetry Centre
in Siglufjörður.