Saturday, 19 May 2012

Doverodde Diary: Day 22 (Sunday Special) - Black Sheep

This week Doverodde DiaryWorld of Exteriors Sunday Special brings you an art world exclusive. Never before have works by anonymous guerrilla artist ‘Black Sheep’ been seen in the press.

Black Sheep was nowhere to be seen

There are many sheep in the gently rolling hills around Doverodde, but one is a prodigy. ‘Black Sheep’ (whose true identity remains a mystery even to our intrepid reporter) visits the village by night, leaving intricate crocheted works on drainpipes, handrails and even around the trees.

We believe Black Sheep be a native of the Thy region, for each work responds with subtlety to the colours and textures of its surroundings. 

These works bring flowers where there were none, and cover rude metal in woolen moss and bare bark with cotton lichen. 

A fringe of ivy leaves blows from a hydrant

Some works (below) have been spotted within buildings, indicating that as well as possessing a far from sheepish stealth, Black Sheep may have leanings towards cat-burglary.

Our resident art critic suggests that this may be a self-portrait. It is certainly far from unlikely that it displays an element of the sympathy felt by one four-legged creature for another.

Let us hope that Black Sheep will be a bellweather for textile arts in Doverodde, and maybe even further afield.

Editor's Note: We are pleased to report that last week's feature on Woodpiles has inspired our colleagues in Wales to file a related feature. We look forward to further updates from our loyal readers on marginal woodpiles worldwide.


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Frances and Nicolas McDowall said...

Nancy - have you seen these amazing altered books/sculptures. I have put just one of the links to the many different pictures of these anonymous gifts to major arts organisations in Edinburgh. F


Wonderful, Frances! Thank you for the link.

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How beautiful, these images. Thank you for them.