Saturday 12 May 2012

Doverodde Diary: Day 15 (Sunday Special) - On Woodpiles

Welcome to World of Exteriors, the Doverodde Diary’s Sunday Lifestyle Feature.

Never mind books – woodpiles are the medium of the moment in Doverodde. But books and woodpiles are not so far removed from each other. After all, some books are made from paper, and some paper is made from trees.

Not only do the two objects share a common physical origin, but their kinship is reflected in their etymology (the word for ‘beech tree’ is the root of the word ‘book’ in many European languages) [Enough intellectual stuff for a Sunday – Ed.]. Therefore it seems appropriate to dedicate this World of Exteriors Sunday Special to the not-so-humble Danish woodpile. 

The working woodpile often lurks in shady garage corners.

A modest woodpile decorates a simple hilltop home.

The woodpile may move beyond mere functionality to encompass land art.

The same residence boasts a colour-coordinated seasonal log display.

A rough urban look can be achieved even in this rural backwater 
with the aid of a garbage bin, plastic sheeting and forsythia.

For some, the woodpile is just part of a wider engagement 
with the plein air lifestyle.

Is this a woodpile – or just a pile of wood? 

Frank Lloyd Wright's legacy informs this organic woodpile,
which seamlessly reflects the lines of the architecture around it.

And finally, the images above and below prove that - in Doverodde, at least - 
artists' books dare to aspire to the status of the woodpile.


Mário R. Gonçalves said...

The best woodpile story ever! :)


Thank you Mário, a happy Sunday to you!

Frances said...

Your splendid photographs sent Nicolas off to the woodshed with his camera - you had better see the results on our blog
The days of Doverrodde are constantly inspiring - thank you.


Oh, even the exquisite woodpiles of Doverodde can't compete with the more haphazard beauties of the Wye Valley. Thank you for the link!

I hope your team provide you with a full woodshed for next winter - and at least now you have some Scandinavian inspiration for when you come to tesselate easy-burn and green-as-a-green-man.