Monday, 15 October 2012

Derby Day

A busy summer drew to a close with a day off in Derby. These photographs show a selection of works currently on show in The Visual Poetry of 1001 Objects, an exhibition of wood, bone, glass and stone, at Derby Museum until January 2014. 


Australian daggers

The Spade Bone of Ye Wonderful Dun Cow
(whale bone pub sign)

Alphabet crib book

Skulls of Little Tern and Redwing

It is more blessed to give than to receive 
- Eric Gill

It is better to Prosecute than to Beg 
- Derby Council


Mário said...

Hello Nancy,

have you heard of Bertil Vallien?

Maye you enjoy looking at this:

Sorry for the language, I may translate if you need.

Nice to read you again


Mário said...

Nancy, I'm so sorry, I could have sent this link instead, in english:



Thank you for the link, Mário. I got a little way with GoogleTranslate! I like the faces (some more on Vallien's website) as well as that wonderful icy campsite with the thin red line. I'm very grateful for the introduction.


theresa said...

How beautiful these objects are! Esp. that wonderful dun cow...