Monday, 6 January 2014

New Publication!

How To Say ‘I Love You’ In Greenlandic: An Arctic Alphabet will be available in a new edition published by MIEL Editions in January 2014. 
Established in 2010, MIEL ‘publishes poetry, short prose, photographs and prints in forms that bridge the gap between the artist’s book and the trade edition’. Based in Ghent, the team behind MIEL are also responsible for the wonderful 1110 magazine.
Those who found the price of the original artist's book too steep for their pockets will be able to secure their own copy for just €15.
How To Say ‘I Love You’  In Greenlandic will be released in time for Valentine’s Day - but the edition is limited to 175 copies. Pre-order your copy here!


Mário Gonçalves said...

Dear Nancy,

Excellent, just pre-ordered your greenlandic little jewel. It WAS a bit expensive, yes, and the economic crisis doesn´t help. My pension has been severely cut.

Now I'll be anxiously expecting How to say I love you... in greenlandic :)



Dear Mário
Thank you for the purchase!
I am glad you will have a copy. I appreciate your support all these years!
Happy new year to you, and let's hope the climate (economic and otherwise) heals.