Sunday, 25 December 2011

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Image © Mike Nicholson

Ensixteen Editions has been posting assiduously over the holidays. If you don't already follow this droll  blog by book artist and illustrator Mike Nicholson, take a look.

This post highlights a project Nicholson has been working on with the printer David Jury which sees both men considering a perennial problem: the distinction between art and craft. Not content with his discussions with David Jury, Nicholson surveyed a group of other book arts practitioners. All of us were invited to consider how we define our work and how the terms affect its reception by the public and collectors.

I should be grateful to Nicholson for giving me another opportunity to fret about where I find myself on the printing/writing scale. His research notes, containing the survey responses, will be published in the Spring edition of the UWE Book Arts Newsletter, which will land here in due course.

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