Friday, 12 June 2015

Kayaking to Greenland...

… well, no actually. I don't think I'd quite make it around Cape Farewell, despite my training out on the placid waters of the River Thames. But I'm determined to get to Greenland to undertake my residency at Ilulissat Kunstmuseum this summer.

So to raise the funds to cover the substantial costs of flights on Greenland Air I have launched a crowdfunding campaign. There's a range of Arctic-themed rewards for supporters on offer here. Take a look (averting your eyes from the silly movie, in which I appear disguised in sportswear) and do spread the word if you can. Moral support is as gratefully received as the material kind.

Ilulissat Kunstmuseum
No jetty.

UPDATE 4 July: Thanks to the many generous supporters who pledged sums from £2 to £250, this campaign succeeded in raising the funds to cover transport costs to Greenland. Flights are booked, and I am looking forward to continuing my work about the north, in the north this summer.

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