Sunday, 4 January 2015

Return to Siglufjörður

I am grateful to the Oppenheim John Downes Trust for a generous grant that enables me to return to Iceland this spring to complete work on a series of poems about Icelandic fishing culture. These poems will be published together with a suite of photographs by Mark Walton.

I have been invited to read my work at The Nordic House, Reykjavik in February, before spending the month of March as Writer in Residence at Herhus in Siglufjörður, a small town at the northernmost point of Iceland.

Photographs by Mark Walton


Mário Gonçalves said...

Hello Nancy,

just to report my recent post where I quote your poem 'Seven Words for Winter':

Have a nice, cold Winter, with some bright sunshine now and then...



Hello Mário

Thanks for sharing the poem! Lovely post, and I like the rendition of Blow Blow.

Your message arrived most appropriately on the day when the first snow of the winter is forecast here… I have my fingers crossed.

Best wishes