Monday, 10 February 2014

An Arctic Alphabet

Big news for Valentine's Day! A new version of my award-winning artist’s book How To Say ‘I Love You’ In Greenlandic has just been published by MIEL editions. It is gratifying to see the Arctic Alphabet taking Greenlandic words around the world - to America, Bahrain, Bangkok, Denmark, Spain - and even back to Greenland! 
‘In this beautiful publication Campbell magically manages to evoke the icy North through the warmth and power of the Greenlandic language. Exquisite pochoir prints sit alongside hand-printed type – a perfect marriage between image and text.’ — Emma Stibbon RA
“a book that is not only beautiful but full of joy, love & quiet intensity” — Oliver Clarke, Collinge & Clark Books
Further details, including how to order a copy, can be found here.  
To celebrate the launch, I’ve written a short essay on melting ice and changing language in the arctic which appears on the MIEL blog.


Mário Gonçalves said...

At last, it seems my copy has been waiting for decades :)

A beautiful essay in MIEL's blog blog, too. I felt like I was living there at the window, in the long winter night, watching the icebergs sliding like I was reading words in a poem.

Good luck with the new edition, Nancy !

Mário Gonçalves said...

Hi, Nancy,

The copy I ordered arrived finally, in a glorious light blue envelope. Visually it's a joy, but I can hardly read the too small letters... so I will use a magnifying lens :D

Nancy, may I translate and use an excerpt of your essay on ice and language in MIEL blog, to publish in portuguese ? I would like to do that on my blog "O Livro de Areia",

Best wishes , and Thanks !


Dear Mário
I am so glad your copy of 'How To Say "I Love You" In Greenlandic' arrived. My mother also thought the type very small!
You would be most welcome to publish the essay. If you could put a link to the MIEL site, as the place of first publication, that would be much appreciated.
Wishing you a happy spring!

Mário Gonçalves said...

Dear Nancy,

Finally I did publish a translation of your essay(or most of it) in my blog 'O Livro Da Areia', that's 'The Book of Sand', as J L Borges famous masterpiece:

I think I made a nice work of translation, at least it took me three days :)

I'm so grateful to you! My blog has been much enriched, the post is just a beauty.



Dear Mário

Thank you! I'm honoured that you spent so much time on the essay. And I am very happy to have the work brought to a wider audience. Looks great - I like the extra icebergs.

Best wishes