Monday, 6 May 2013

Sea Voyages in Contemporary Art

John Cumming Ditty Box (2011)

My review of the exhibition Voyage: sea journeys, island hopping and trans-oceanic concepts, curated by Imi Maufe and Rona Rangsch at Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany can now be read online in the Huffington Post


Mário said...

I have been always fascinated by sea voyages, ships sailing to the unknown and finding unexpected resting places... the fate of these men, often to be left buried in some forsaken island, has probably no equivalent in our days. And from Stevenson to Melville, Camões to Conrad, what fabulous literary reports of those epic travels!

Congratulations for your text, Nancy. I can't go see the exhibition but you gave me a good idea of it.

theresa said...

Wonderful text -- and the Ditty Box is glorious.