Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hoarding History

Foyles has been a mainstay of London's bookshop scene for over 100 years. 

Recently, the company announced that their flagship store on the Charing Cross Road would be moving ... next door. 

Despite the small distance involved, the move will take some time - much building work is underway to make the new Foyles fabulous. I was fascinated to see that Foyles has commissioned comic artists to tell the story of the bookshop on the hoarding that keeps developments within the new building from curious passers-by. Here's a selection:

'There could be something in this bookselling lark!'
(John Miers)

Foyles is founded in the Foyle family kitchen (John Miers)

The first store (John Miers)

Foyles moves to its first premises in Cecil Court, 
where they are so busy the police suspect illegal activity
(Stephen Appleby)

Christina Foyle
(Karrie Gransman)

Christina Foyle in Russia
(Karrie Fransman)

Foyles began a series of book clubs, including the Catholic Book Club,
 to which the Pope belonged (under a pseudonym)
(Bryan Talbot)

Literary Luncheons
(Woodrow Phoenix)

Thefts from Foyles were rampant
(Warren Pleece)

Richard Burton vs Transport for London 
(Warren Pleece)

The old Foyles payment system
(Oliver East)

The hoardings are picking up graffiti as the days pass but you can see the full series in their original condition here.

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