Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Musical Interlude

The long Icelandic nights are an opportunity to organise my films from the past few years. At last, I've made the decision to upload them to YouTube.

Here's the first film. It is a little blurry and indistinct, but I am very fond of it. Turning was filmed on my first night in Greenland, and it features a rotary candlestick with little tin angels which became a favourite talisman.

Many thanks to Caroline Trettine for letting me use her wistful and beautiful song to accompany the film.


Harry D. Watson said...

Talking about fish and language makes this Scotsman think of Neil Gunn's "The Silver Darlings", a classic of modern Scottish literature, about the herring fishers of Gunn's native Caithness, and so much else besides.



Thank you for the recommendation - I'm ashamed to say I haven't read Gunn's book, but now I have ordered a copy and I look forward to it. It sounds as if it ought to be added to my (currently very short) bibliography.