Saturday, 25 June 2022


Out this summer! THUNDERSTONE is a tale of love, loss and vintage caravans.

Excited to be back on tour with this memoir of the recent lockdown, and its aftermath in a 1984 Buccaneer caravan. I’ll be at Edinburgh International Book Festival and PoliNations Festival in Scotland this August, and Books on Tyne in November. More events and bookshop signings up and down the country are listed on the events page of my website

Endorsements so far:

Gavin Francis says: A memoir of great honesty and clarity, intimacy and subtlety, examining, among other things, illness and recovery.  It asks profound questions about the precarity of health, of art, and how to live through the storms of life with authenticity.

Dan Richards says: A courageous, compassionate, uncanny chronicle of life and loss on the fringes. Striking in its candour, brilliant in its breadth, punchy in its poetry, often very funny, Thunderstone is a unique and affecting take on road trip redemption when the wheels have fallen off.

Helen Jukes says: ‘If this is a story of grief and illness, loneliness and heartache, one is left with the feeling that here is a writer who knows better than most of us how to live.’


Lulah Ellender says: ‘In this beautiful memoir Campbell traces a season of upheaval, grief and uncertainty as she makes a home in an unusual place… An uplifting, heart-filled read full of hope and love.’

Tanya Shadrick says: ‘Such a compelling account of deliberate living… Completely transporting, blending the intensely local with the wider world with such skill.’

Matthew Teller says: Compassionate and responsive, Nancy Campbell writes with insight of a life lived on the fringes. There is courage here, in the sharing of emotion and self-critique amid catastrophe, but THUNDERSTONE goes well beyond mere memoir. Nancy is a badass, a wild woman corralling experiences of poetry, humanity and the natural world to shape visions of new ways forward for us all. Her forgotten nettle-patch beyond the boundaries of civilisation becomes a resonant setting for what is a work of the richest travel literature, written from a place of deliberate isolation. You carry it with you, long after finishing.

Kerri ní Dochartaigh says: ‘An utterly beautiful, life-affirming, soul-shaking, heart-breaking wonder of a book.’

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